Getting Started with LinkedIn

The Alabama Academy of General Dentistry is now listed as an organization on LinkedIn at

If you want to associate yourself with this, you’ll need to create a LinkedIn profile.  If you are already on LinkedIn, skip down to the next section to find out how to help promote the Alabama AGD within your existing profile.


Help with Creating a LinkedIn Profile (steps may vary)

  1. Open the invite email you were sent and click “confirm that you know xxxxxxxx”
    • If you weren’t sent an invite email, just go to
  2. Fill out the blanks and click join
    • They discourage using prefixes or suffixes in your name, so I’d leave out Dr. or DMD
  3. Fill out your zip code and click next
  4. Fill our your job title and company
    • For most dentists you would enter something like “Owner” and/or “Dentist” for title and the name of your practice for company
  5. Select an industry; the most applicable on the list is “Hospital and Healthcare”
  6. You will then be presented with a few optional screens
    • (optional) The next screen will ask if you want to allow it to connect to your email account to find contacts to add to your network; you could choose to do so, but I’d click “skip”
    • (optional) You may be presented with another screen allowing you to select other people who may have sent invites to you in the past
    • (optional) The next screen lets you upload a photo, but you can click “skip” and still do this later
    • (optional) The next screen asks about your interests, but you can click “skip” and still do this later
    • (optional) The next screen lets shows you ways to get the app on your phone, but you can click “next” to skip
  7. You should be taken to your new profile; adding more detail to your profile and connecting to others should be self-explanatory from here


Associating a Past or Current Alabama AGD Position with Your Profile

  1. Go to the experience section of your profile
  2. Click “add position”
  3. Start typing “Alabama Academy of General Dentistry” as the company name and you will eventually see our organization’s logo…click on it
  4. Under title you might put something like “Past President” and then indicate the time period you were president
  5. Uncheck “update my headline” or people will see your AGD position prioritized over your dentist and/or practice owner position
  6. Click save


Customizing the Link to Your Profile

A LinkedIn profile can be a nice thing to add to your email signature or business card.  To obtain a nice, short, link to use for this, click here to find out how