About This Website

2016 is bringing some exciting new things for the Alabama Academy of General Dentistry, one of which is our new home on the internet.  Behind the scenes, we began the work on our new website back in late 2015.  For a while, it ran simultaneously alongside the old website until we felt it was developed enough to take over as the primary site.  As of this May, the old website is no longer publicly accessible, and navigating to www.alagd.org will automatically redirect visitors to www.alagd.com

We have moved to new platform which will allow us to gradually incorporate new features and present our information via an attractive, easy to read interface.  This website can be easily viewed on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone without any loss in legibility or functionality.

Questions  |  Suggestions  |  Change Requests

If you have any requests for changes or corrections, we’d love to address them.  More importantly, if you have any suggestions for new content or functionality, we would love to hear them.  Just use the contact form below to send a message my way.

– Derrick Mendez D.M.D.  |  Alabama AGD Webmaster